چه چیزی به شما انگیزه می دهد؟

چه چیزی به شما انگیزه می دهد؟

What motivates you?

We all have something that drives us‚ but we're not always conscious of what it is‚ Identifying factors that motivate us can be an important first step in our search for meaning and purpose in life

You're feeling a bit low this weekend. You:
• Meditate to improve your energy levels.
* Go shopping to cheer yourself up.
# Go out on the town to take you out of yourself.
+ Call your friends for moral support.
If you worked part-time‚ what would you do in your spare time?
+ Organise trips and meals out with friends.
• ch‎arity work.
* Do up your house.
# Look for a job that would make the most of your skills.
A genie grants you one wish. What do you wish for?
+ To be always surrounded by friends.
* To have everything you could want or need.
• World peace.
# To be loved.
A friend needs help paying her rent this month. You:
* Feel bad for her‚ but tell her she should have budgeted more carefully.
• Lend her the money: we have to help each other out in life.
# Pay it. But make sure she knows how good you are to her.
+ Help her out - that's what friends are for.
You come across your old school reports. You:
# Sort through them‚ keeping the good reports and throwing out the bad.
• Smile as you reread them‚ but then throw them away.
* Keep them: why would you throw your childhood memories away?
+ Keep them to pass on to your children.
Your boss offers you a promotion‚ but the job will demand a lot more of your time. You:
+ Decline the offer. Your home life‚ your family and your relationship are more important to you.
# Are really excited about it. This is your chance to prove yourself.
* Accept it. You never know when another opportunity will arise.
• Turn it down. You need time to yourself.
A publisher calls to say your book has finally been accepted. You:
• Warn the publisher that your original text must not be changed.
* Think of all the royalties you're going to get.
# Imagine how amazed your friends will be.
+ Are excited about this new contact.
If you'd been the class prefect at School‚ it would have been because:
+ You liked the idea of being the link between pupils and teachers.
# You wanted to gain your classmates' confidence by speaking up for them.
• You felt you had to stand up for kids less confident than yourself .
* You wanted to be the only one on the student council.


Your friend has just been made redundant and is feeling depressed. You:

• Hate the impersonal way these things are done.

* Would be feeling even worse if it had been you.

# Reassure her she will find a better job.

+ Invite her round to cheer her up.


Your parents' wedding anniversary is coming up. You:

# Surprise them by organising an amazing party.

* Buy them a gift.

• Write a moving speech.

+ Gather all the family for the occasion.


You get into a skid and the car rolls over‚ but you're unhurt. You:

* Decide to get a new car as soon as possible.

+ Think of the people you love‚ and how lucky you are to have survived.

# Put it behind you.

• Think you must have a guardian angel


Your partner has left you. You:

# Refuse to accept it: you'll do anything to win them back.

• Try to work out where it went wrong.

+ Are devastated; thank God you have good friends around you.

* Rush into another relationship


Add up the number of times you chose each symbol and read the profile that corresponds with the one you chose most often.

• ……………..

* ……………..

# …………….

+ .................



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