The Big-Five Trait Taxonomy

The Big-Five Trait Taxonomy:
History‚ Measurement‚ and Theoretical Perspectives
Oliver P. John
Sanjay Srivastava
University of California at Berkeley
Running head: Big Five Trait Taxonomy
Final draft: March 5‚ 1999
Author's Address:
Oliver P. John
Department of Psychology
University of California‚ MC 1650 Berkeley‚ CA 94720-1650
W: (510) 642-2178; H: 540-7159; Fax: 643-9334
To appear in L. Pervin and O.P. John (Eds.)‚ Handbook of personality: Theory and research (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford (in press)
The Big Five Inventory (BFI)
Here are a number of ch‎aracteristics that may or may not apply to you. For example‚ do you agree that you are someone who likes to spend time with others ? Please write a number next to each statement to indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with that statement.
Disagree Disagree Neither agree nor Agree Agree strongly a little disagree a little strongly
1 2 3 4 5
I see Myself as Someone Who ...
___1. Is talkative ___23. Tends to be lazy
___2. Tends to find fault with others ___24. Is emotionally stable‚ not easily upset
___3. Does a thorough job ___25. Is inventive
___4. Is depressed‚ blue ___26. Has an assertive personality
___5. Is original‚ comes up with new ideas ___27. Can be cold and aloof
___6. Is reserved ___28. Perseveres until the task is finished
___7. Is helpful and unselfish with others ___29. Can be moody
___8. Can be somewhat careless ___30. Values artistic‚ aesthetic experiences
___9. Is relaxed‚ handles stress well ___31. Is sometimes shy‚ inhibited
___10. Is curious about many different things ___32. Is considerate and kind to almost everyone
___11. Is full of energy ___33. Does things efficiently
___12. Starts quarrels with others ___34. Remains calm in tense situations
___13. Is a reliable worker ___35. Prefers work that is routine
___14. Can be tense ___36. Is outgoing‚ sociable
___15. Is ingenious‚ a deep thinker ___37. Is sometimes rude to others
___16. Generates a lot of enthusiasm ___38. Makes plans and follows through with them
___17. Has a forgiving nature ___39. Gets nervous easily
___18. Tends to be disorganized ___40. Likes to reflect‚ play with ideas
___19. Worries a lot ___41. Has few artistic interests
___20. Has an active imagination ___42. Likes to cooperate with others
___21. Tends to be quiet ___43. Is easily distracted
___22. Is generally trusting ___44. Is sophisticated in art‚ music‚ or literature
Please check: Did you write a number in front of each statement?
BFIscale scoring (R” denotes reverse-scored items): Extraversion: 1‚ 6R‚ 11‚ 16‚ 21R‚ 26‚ 31R‚ 36 Agreeableness: 2R‚ 7‚ 12R‚ 17‚ 22‚ 27R‚ 32‚ 37R‚ 42 Conscientiousness: 3‚ 8R‚ 13‚ 18R‚ 23R‚ 28‚ 33‚ 38‚ 43R Neuroticism: 4‚ 9R‚ 14‚ 19‚ 24R‚ 29‚ 34R‚ 39
Openness: 5‚ 10‚ 15‚ 20‚ 25‚ 30‚ 35R‚ 40‚ 41R‚ 44
Note . Copyright 1991 by Oliver P. John. Reprinted with permission.

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