Understand Yourself Personality Test

Understand Yourself Personality Test

Complete the questionnaire below to better understand your personality! This questionnaire has been developed by psychologists to provide a comprehensive description of personality.  It can be used to rate the personalities of children‚ adolescents‚ and adults of any age.

  • Read our consent form‚ which explains the benefits of this free‚ anonymous test‚ as well as your rights.
  • There are no "right" or "wrong" answers‚ but note that you will not obtain meaningful results unless you answer the questions seriously.
  • These results are being used in scientific research‚ so please try to give accurate answers.
  • Your results will be displayed as soon as you submit your answers.

Here are a number of statements that may or may not describe you. Please type a number from 1 to 9 before each statement to indicate the extent to which that statement is ch‎aracteristic or unch‎aracteristic of you. You should rate yourself as you are now‚ not as you were in the past or as you expect to be in the future. Use the following rating scale:












Neither ch‎aracteristic
nor unch‎aracteristic



(type a number from 1-9)


1. I show my thoughts and feelings in the way I look and act‚ but do not talk much about what I think and about how I feel.

2. I am considerate and thoughtful of other people.

3. I am a warm person and respond with kindness to other people.

4. I get along well with other people.

5. My peers look up to me and seek me out.

6. I am helpful and cooperate with other people.

7. I like physical affection.

8. I prefer to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

9. I make good and close friendships with other people.

10. I have friendships that don't last long; I change friends a lot.

11. I blame other people for things I have done.

12. I act immature when I face difficult problems or am under stress.

13. I try to see what and how much I can get away with. I push limits and stretch the rules.

14. I am eager to please.

15. I am concerned with what's right and what's wrong.

16. I am proud of the things I have done and made.

17. I act very masculine (if male); or I act very feminine (if female).

18. I let my peers know it when I am upset or angry. I don't hold back my feelings when I feel upset or angry with them.

19. I am open and straightforward.

20. I try to take advantage of other people.

21. I like to be the center of attention.

22. I try to get others to do what I want by playing up to them. I act ch‎arming in order to get my way.

23. I am nervous and fearful.

24. I worry about things for a long time.

25. I think things out and reason like a very mature person.

26. I am physically active. I enjoy playing sports‚ running‚ and exercise.

27. I look different from other people my own age.

28. I am energetic and full of life.

29. I am protective of others. I protect people who are close to me.

30. Most authority figures (e.g.‚ teachers‚ professors‚ work supervisors) seem to like me.

31. I am able to see how others feel; I can put myself in their place.

32. I give‚ lend‚ and share things.

33. I cry easily.

34. I am restless and fidgety; I have a hard time sitting still.

35. I hold things in. I have a hard time expressing myself; I'm a little bit uptight.

36. I find ways to make things happen and get things done.

37. I like to compete; I'm always testing and comparing myself to other people.

38. I have an unusual way of thinking about things-‎-for better or for worse‚ I put things together in my head in a different way than other people would.

39. I freeze up when things are stressful‚ or else keep doing the same thing over and over.

40. I am curious and exploring; I like to learn and experience new things.

41. I am determined; I do not give up easily.

42. I am an interesting person; people notice me and remember me.

43. I can bounce back and recover after a stressful or bad experience.

44. I give in or back down when I have a conflict or disagreement with others.

45. When I am under stress‚ I give up and back off.

46. I tend to go to pieces under stress; I get rattled when things are tough.

47. I have high standards for myself. I need to do very well in the things that I do.

48. I need to have people tell me that I am doing well. I am not very sure of myself.

49. I have specific habits or patterns of behavior. (For example‚ I tap my fingers‚ bite my fingernails‚ stutter or bite my lips.)

50. I tend to get sick when things go wrong or when there is a lot of stress. (For example‚ I get headaches‚ stomach aches‚ throw up.)

51. I am well-coordinated. (For example‚ I do well in sports.)

52. I am careful not to get hurt (physically).

53. I have a hard time making up my mind; I change my mind a lot.

54. I have unpredictable moods-‎-they change often and quickly.

55. I worry about not getting my share of material things‚ food‚ or love. I am afraid I won't get enough.

56. I am jealous and envious; I want what other people have.

57. I exaggerate about things that happen to me; I can blow things out of proportion.

58. I openly show the way I feel‚ whether it's good or bad.

59. I am neat and orderly in the way I dress and act.

60. I get nervous if I am not sure what's going to happen or when it's not clear what I am supposed to do.

61. I tend to be judgmental of the behavior of others.

62. I am obedient and do what I am told.

63. I am fast-paced; I move and react to things quickly.

64. I am calm and relaxed; easy-going.

65. When I want something‚ I want it right away. I have a hard time waiting for things I want and like.

66. I pay attention well and can concentrate on things.

67. I plan things ahead; I think before I do something. "Look before I leap."

68. I am a very smart person (even though formal tests and evaluations‚ such as grades in school‚  might not show this).

69. I have a way with words; I can express myself well with words.

70. I daydream; I often get lost in thought or a fantasy world.

71. I often ask authority figures for help and advice.

72. I often feel guilty; I am quick to blame myself‚ even though I might not talk about it.

73. I have a sense of humor.

74. I get wrapped up in what I am doing.

75. I am cheerful.

76. I can be trusted; I'm reliable‚ and dependable.

77. I feel unworthy; I have a low opinion of myself.

78. I have my feelings hurt easily if I am made fun of or criticized.

79. I am suspicious-‎-I don't really trust other people.

80. I tease and pick on my peers.

81. I can talk about unpleasant things that have happened to me.

82. I speak up and stick up for myself; I go after what I want.

83. I try to be independent and do things without the help of other people. I try not to rely on other people.

84. I am a talkative person.

85. I am aggressive. (For example‚ I pick fights or start arguments.)

86. I like to be by myself; I enjoy doing things alone.

87. I try to copy and act like the people I admire and look up to.

88. I am self-confident and sure of myself; I make up my own mind.

89. I am able to do many things well; I am skillful.

90. I am stubborn.

91. I have emotions that don't seem to fit the situation. (For example‚ I either overreact‚ don't care‚ or sometimes my reactions just don't make sense in hindsight.)

92. I am attractive‚ good-looking.

93. I am bossy and like to dominate other people.

94. I whine or pout often.

95. I let little problems get to me and am easily upset. It doesn't take much to get me irritated or mad.

96. I am creative in the way I look at things; the way I think‚ work‚ or play is very creative.

97. I like to dream up fantasies; I have a good imagination.

98. I am shy; I have a hard time getting to know people.

99. I think about my actions and behavior; I use my head before doing or saying something.

100. My peers often pick on me; I am also often blamed for things I didn't do.

101. I am the kind of person almost everyone likes.

102. I am talkative.

103. I tend to find fault with others.

104. I do a thorough job.

105. I worry a lot.

106. I like to reflect‚ play with ideas.

107. I tend to be quiet.

108. I am considerate and kind to almost everyone.

109. I tend to be disorganized.

110. I am relaxed‚ handle stress well.

111. I have few artistic interests.

112. I am someone with whom people really enjoy spending time.

113. I am outgoing‚ sociable.

114. I am sometimes rude to others.

115. I persevere until the task is finished.

116. I can be tense.

117. I am sophisticated in art‚ music‚ or literature.

118. I am reserved.

119. I have a forgiving nature.

120. I can be somewhat careless.

121. I am emotionally stable‚ not easily upset.

122. I prefer work that is routine.

Before submitting your responses‚ please help us improve this site by answering a few demographic questions about yourself. These questions are entirely optional and will not affect your feedback.

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