Motivation Questionnaire EFL

Motivation Questionnaire
English as a foreign language
Student No./Name:
Years of study:
The following questions ask about your motivation in and attitude toward learning the English language. Please take a moment to respond to these questions. Remember there  are no right or wrong answers‚ just answer as accurately as possible. Use the scale below to answer the questions.
1 = Strongly agree
2 = Agree
3 = Undecided
4 = Disagree
5 = Strongly disagree
1. I like English more than other subjects.
2. I would like to have more personal practice in my English course.
3. If I saw a tourist on the street‚ I would like to speak English.
4. I would like to have more English spoken.
5. In my English study‚ I get through hard work.
6. Doing my homework‚ I carry on till I really know it.
7. I work more with my English studies than with other subjects.
8. If there is a panel discussion on the radio in English‚ I just do my best to understand it.
9. Learning English is more important to me just because I want to get a good job.
10. Other people think more highly of me if I know a foreign language.
11. Learning a foreign language makes me a more knowledgeable person.
12. I would like to learn English because I would like to teach it.
13. Learning English is important to me because I can then get in contact with English-speaking people.
14. I would like to learn English because I would like to be like a native speaker.
15. I learn English because I would like to join the English people.
16. I learn English because I would like to get familiar with English culture.
17. I would like to learn English perfectly.
18. I am curious about English.
19. I would choose to learn English even if it weren’t compulsory.
20. I feel learning a foreign language truly helps me to develop my real self.
21. I think academic learning is pleasant.
22. I think that the number of academic years should be increased.
23. If I could choose‚ I would take more courses in English.
24. I think English courses in university should be increased.
25. I love English/American music.
26. It is important to know life in the English-speaking world.
27. I found the English way of life exciting.
28. I think one should know English history and culture.
29. I love the sound of English.
30. I think English is an exciting language.
31. I think it’s useful to know the inner structure of English.
32. I would really like to understand how the English language works.
33. I love the way English is taught to us.
34. I feel I can express myself in the English lessons.
35. I find our English teaching methods useful.
36. I find our English teaching methods boring.
From: Salimi (2000‚ pp. 74–77). Reproduced with permission.

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