Do You Seek Out Sensation

Do You Seek Out Sensation?
How much stimulation do you crave in your everyday life? You will have an idea after you complete the following questionnaire‚ which lists some items from a scale designed to assess your sensation-seeking tendencies. Circle either A or B in each pair of statements.

A I would like a job that requires a lot of travelling.
B I would prefer a job in one location
A I am invigorated by a brisk‚ cold day.
B I can’t wait to get indoors on a cold day.
A I get bored seeing the same old faces.
B I like the comfortable familiarity of everyday friends.
A I would prefer living in an ideal society in which everyone was safe‚ secure‚ and happy.
B I would have preferred living in the unsettled days of our history.
A I sometimes like to do things that are a little frightening.
B A sensible person avoids activities that are dangerous.
A I would not like to be hypnotized.
B I would like to have the experience of being hypnotized.
A The most important goal of life is to live it to the fullest and to experience as much as possible.
B The most important goal of life is to find peace and happiness.
A I would like to try parachute jumping.
B I would never want to try jumping out of a plane‚ with or without a parachute.
A I enter cold water gradually‚ giving myself time to get used to it.
B I like to dive or jump right into the ocean or a cold pool.
A When I go on a vacation‚ I prefer the comfort of a good room and bed.
B When I go on a vacation‚ I prefer the change of camping out.
A I prefer people who are emotionally expressive‚ even if they are a bit unstable.
B I prefer people who are calm and even-tempered.
A A good painting should shock or jolt the senses.
B A good painting should give one a feeling of peace and security.
A People who ride motorcycles must have some kind of unconscious need to hurt themselves.
B I would like to drive or ride a motorcycle.

Source: Zuckerman‚ 1978‚ 1994
Scoring Give yourself one point for each of the following responses: 1A‚ 2A‚ 3A‚ 4B‚ 5A‚ 6B‚ 7A‚ 8A‚ 9B‚ 10B‚ 11A‚ 12A‚ 13B. Find your total score by adding up the number of points and then use the following scoring key:
0–3 very low sensation seeking
4–5 low
6–9 average
10–11 high
12–13 very high
Keep in mind‚ of course‚ that this short questionnaire‚ for which the scoring is based on the results of college students who have taken it‚ provides only a rough estimate of your sensation-seeking tendencies. Moreover‚ as people get older‚ their sensation-seeking scores tend to decrease. Still‚ the questionnaire will at least give you an indication of how your sensation-seeking tendencies compare with those of others.

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