Arnett Inventory of Sensation Seeking

Arnett Inventory of Sensation Seeking (Arnett‚ 1994) - AISS
1. I can see how it would be interesting to marry someone from a foreign country.
2. When the water is very cold‚ I prefer not to swim even if it is a hot day.
3. If I have to wait a long time‚ I'm usually patient about it.
4. When I listen to music‚ I like it to be loud.
5. When taking a trip‚ I think it is best to make as few plans as possible and just take it as it comes.
6. I stay away from movies that are said to be frightening or highly suspenseful.
7. I think it's fun and exciting to perform or speak before a group.
8. If I were to go to an amusement park‚ I would prefer to ride the rollercoaster or other fast rides.
9. I would like to travel to places that are strange and far away.
10. I would never like to gamble with money‚ even if I could afford it.
11. I would have enjoyed being one of the first explorers of an unknown land.
12. I like a movie where there are a lot of explosions and car chases.
13. I don't like extremely hot and spicy food.
14. In general‚ I work better when I'm under pressure.
15. I often like to have the T.V. on while I'm doing something else‚ such as reading or cleaning up.
16. It would be interesting to see a car accident happen.
17. I think it's best to order something familiar when eating in a restaurant.
18. I like the feeling of standing next to the edge on a high place and looking down.
19. If it were possible to visit another planet or the moon for free‚ I would be among the first to sign up.
20. I can see how it must be exciting to be in a battle during a war.
Arnett‚ J. (1994). Sensation seeking: a new scale and a new conceptualisation. Personality and Individual Differences‚
16(2)‚ 289±296.
A confirmatory factor analysis of two models of sensation seeking
Caroline A. Haynes*‚ Jeremy N.V. Miles‚ Keith Clements
Institute of Behavioural Sciences‚ University of Derby‚ Chevin Avenue‚ Mickleover‚ Derby DE3 5GX‚ UK
* Corresponding author. Tel.: +44-1332-622-222; fax: +44-1332-622-755.

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