Sensation Seeking Scale Form V revised

Sensation Seeking Scale Form V revised (Zuckerman‚ 1994) - SSSV
1. I like `wild' uninhibited parties.
I prefer quiet parties with good conversation.
2. There are some movies I enjoy seeing a second or even third time.
I can't stand watching a movie that I've seen before.
3. I often wish I could be a mountain climber.
I can't understand people who risk their necks climbing mountains.
4. I dislike all body odours.
I like some of the earthy body smells.
5. I get bored seeing the same old faces.
I like the comfortable familiarity of everyday friends.
6. I like to explore a strange city or section of town by myself‚ even if it means getting lost.
I prefer a guide when I am in a place I don't know well.
7. I dislike people who do or say things just to shock or upset others.
When you can predict almost everything a person will do or say he or she must be a bore.
8. I usually don't enjoy a movie or play where I can predict what will happen in advance.
I don't mind watching a movie or play where I can predict what will happen in advance.
9. I have tried marijuana or would like to.
I would never smoke marijuana.
10. I would not like to try any drug which might produce strange and dangerous e€ects on me.
I would like to try some of the new drugs that produce hallucinations.
11. A sensible person avoids activities that are dangerous.
I sometimes like to do things that are a little frightening.
12. I dislike `swingers' (people who are uninhibited and free about sex).
I enjoy the company of real `swingers'.
13. I find that stimulants make me uncomfortable.
I often like to get high (drinking liquor or smoking marijuana).
14. I like to try new foods that I have never tasted before.
I order the dishes with which I am familiar‚ so as to avoid disappointment and unpleasantness.
15. I enjoy looking at home movies or travel slides.
Looking at someone's home movies or travel slides bores me tremendously.
16. I would like to take up the sport of water skiing.
I would not like to take up the sport of water skiing.
17. I would like to try surf board riding.
I would not like to try surf board riding.
18. I would like to take o€ on a trip with no preplanned or definite routes‚ or timetable.
When I go on a trip I like to plan my route and timetable fairly carefully.
19. I prefer the `down to earth' kinds of people as friends.
I would like to make friends in some of the `far out' groups like artists or `punks'.
20. I would not like to learn to fly an aeroplane.
I would like to learn to fly an aeroplane.
21. I prefer the surface of the water to the depths.
I would like to go scuba diving.
22. I would like to meet some persons who are homosexual (men or women).
I stay away from anyone I suspect of being `gay or lesbian'.
23. I would like to try parachute jumping.
I would never want to try jumping out of a plane with or without a parachute.
24. I prefer friends who are excitingly unpredictable.
I prefer friends who are reliable and predictable.
25. I am not interested in experience for its own sake.
I like to have new and exciting experiences and sensations even if they are a little frightening‚ unconventional or illegal.
26. The essence of good art is in its clarity‚ symmetry of form and harmony of colours.
I often find beauty in the `clashing' of colours and irregular forms of modern paintings.
27. I enjoy spending time in the familiar surroundings of home.
I get restless if I have to stay around home for any length of time.
28. I like to dive off the high board.
I don't like the feeling I get standing on the high board (or I don't go near it at all).
29. I like to date members of the opposite sex who are physically exciting.
I like to date members of the opposite sex who share my values.
30. Heavy drinking usually ruins a party because some people get loud and boisterous.
Keeping the drinks full is the key to a good party.
31. The worst social sin is to be rude.
The worst social sin is to be a bore.
32. A person should have considerable sexual experience before marriage.
It's better if two married persons begin their sexual experience with each other.
33. Even if I had the money I would not care to associate with flighty rich persons like those in the `jet set'.
I could conceive of myself seeking pleasures around the world with the `jet set'.
34. I like people who are sharp and witty even if they do sometimes insult others.
I dislike people who have their fun at the expense of hurting the feelings of others.
35. There is altogether too much portrayal of sex in movies.
I enjoy watching many of the `sexy' scenes in movies.
36. I feel best after taking a couple of drinks.
Something is wrong with people who need liquor to feel good.
37. People should dress according to some standard of taste‚ neatness and style.
People should dress in individual ways even if the effects are sometimes strange.
38. Sailing long distances in small sailing crafts is foolhardy.
I would like to sail a long distance in a small but seaworthy sailing craft.
39. I have no patience with dull or boring persons.
I find something interesting in almost every person I talk to.
40. Skiing down a high mountain slope is a good way to end up on crutches.
I think I would enjoy the sensations of skiing very fast down a high mountain slope.
A confirmatory factor analysis of two models of sensation seeking
Caroline A. Haynes*‚ Jeremy N.V. Miles‚ Keith Clements
Institute of Behavioural Sciences‚ University of Derby‚ Chevin Avenue‚ Mickleover‚ Derby DE3 5GX‚ UK
* Corresponding author. Tel.: +44-1332-622-222; fax: +44-1332-622-755.

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