Team leader effectiveness

Team leader effectiveness

Leader effectiveness was measured with ten items from Trent (2004). Respondents were asked to indicate which response best reflected their own team leader for each of the following items:
  1. secures individual member involvement;
  2. manages internal team conflict;
  3. maintains team focus and direction;
  4. secures resources as required;
  5. prevents team domination by a member;
  6. deals with obstacles confronting the team;
  7. coordinates multiple tasks and manages the status of assignments;
  8. helps members and the team establish specific goals;
  9. clarifies and/or define each member's role; and
  10. provides performance feedback to the team and/or individual members.

The scale used a seven-point Likert-type response format with anchors 1 = not applicable and 7 = very applicable on leader's behavior (alpha = 0.95)

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