Creativity & Commitment

Creativity & Continuance Commitment
1. Suggests new ways to achieve goals or objectives.
2. Comes up with new and practical ideas to improve performance.
3. Searches out new technologies‚ processes‚ techniques‚ and/or product ideas.
4. Suggests new ways to increase quality.
5. Is a good source of creative ideas.
6. Is not afraid to take risks.
7. Promotes and champions ideas to others."
8. Exhibits creativity on the job when given the opportunity to.
9. Develops adequate plans and schedules for the implementation of new ideas."
10. Often has new and innovative ideas.
11. Comes up with creative solutions to problems.
12. Often has a fresh approach to problems.
13. Suggests new ways of performing work tasks.
Job Dissatisfaction
1. In general‚ I like working at [company]‚ (reverse-scored)
2. In general‚ I don't like my job.
3. All in all‚ I am satisfied with my job. (reverse-scored)
Continuance Commitment
1. Right now‚ staying with [company] is a matter of necessity as much as desire.
2. It would be very hard for me to leave [company] right now‚ even if I wanted to.
3. Too much of my life would be disrupted if I decided I wanted to leave [company] right now.
4. I feel that I have too few options to consider leaving [company].
5. I f I had not already put so much of myself into [company]‚ I might consider working elsewhere.
6. One of the few negative consequences of leaving [company] would be the scarcity of available alternatives.
Useful Feedback from Coworkers
1. I find the feedback I receive from my coworkers very useful.
2. My coworkers provide me with valuable information about how to improve my job performance.
3. The feedback I receive from my coworkers helps me improve my job performance.
Coworker Helping and Support
1. Willingly share their expertise with each other.
2. Help each other out if someone falls behind in his/her work.
3. Encourage each other when someone is down.
4. Try to act like peacemakers when there are disagreements.
Perceived Organizational Support for Creativity
Creativity is encouraged at [company].
Our ability to function creatively is respected by the leadership.
The reward system here encourages innovation.
[Company] publicly recognizes those who are innovative.
Scott‚ S. C‚ & Bruce‚ R. A. 1994. Determinants of innovative behavior: A path model of individual innova-
tion in the workplace. Academy of Management Journal‚ 37: 580-607.
Academy of Management journal
2001. Vol‚ 44. No‚ 4‚ 682-696.

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