Computer Anxiety Rating Scale – CARS

Computer Anxiety Rating Scale – CARS (Heinssen‚ Glass & Knight‚ 1987)
For each statement‚ decide whether you disagree or agree with the statement using the following 5 point scale ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree.   In the box to the right of each statement‚ fill in the number on the 5 point scale that best describes your level of disagreement or agreement.
Strongly                                                                                                 Strongly
Disagree Agree
1                          2                        3                         4                          5
I feel insecure about my ability to interpret a computer printout.
I look forward to using a computer in my job.
I do not think I would be able to learn a computer programming language.
The challenge of learning about computers is exciting.
I am confident that I can learn computer skills.
Anyone can learn to use a computer if they are patient and motivated.
Learning to operate computers is like learning any new skill – the more you practice‚ the better you become.
I am afraid that if I begin to use computers I will become dependent upon them and lose some of my reasoning skills.
I am sure that with time and practice I will be as comfortable working with computers as I am in working with a typewriter.
I feel that I will be able to keep up with the advances happening in the computer field.
I dislike working with machines that are smarter than I am.
I feel apprehensive about using computers.
I have difficulty in understanding the technical aspects of computers.
It scares me to think that I could cause the computer to destroy a large amount of data by hitting the wrong key.
I hesitate to use a computer for fear of making mistakes that I cannot correct.
You have to be a genius to understand all the special keys contained on most computer terminals.
If given the opportunity‚ I would like to learn about and use computers.
I have avoided computers because they are unfamiliar and somewhat intimidating to me.
I feel computers are necessary tools in both educational and work settings.
Note: * indicates items that are reverse-scored. Higher scores indicate higher levels of computer anxiety.
This test may be used for research purposes with proper citation to the authors.
Heinssen‚ R.K.‚ Glass‚ C.R.‚ & Knight‚ L.A. (1987). Assessing computer anxiety: Development and validation of the Computer Anxiety Rating Scale. Computers in Human Behavior‚ 3‚ 49-59.
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