For Elementary Schools (OCDQ-RE)
Directions: The following are statements about your school‚ Please indicate the extent to which each statement ch‎aracterizes your school.

1. The teachers accomplish their work with vim‚ vigor‚ and pleasure.
Rarely Occurs
Sometimes Occurs
Often Occurs
Very Frequently Occurs
2. Teachers’ closest friends are other faculty members at this school.
3. Faculty meetings are useless.
4. The principal goes out of his/her way to help teachers.
5. The principal rules with an iron fist.
6. Teachers leave school immediately after school is over.
7. Teachers invite faculty members to visit them at home.
8. There is a minority group of teachers who always oppose the majority.
9. The principal uses constructive criticism.
10. The principal checks the sign-in sheet every morning.
11. Routine duties interfere with the job of teaching.
12. Most of the teachers here accept the faults of their colleagues.
13. Teachers know the family background of other faculty members.
14. Teachers exert group pressure on non-conforming faculty members.
15. The principal explains his/her reasons for criticism to teachers.
16. The principal listens to and accepts teachers’ suggestions.
17. The principal schedules the work for the teachers.
18. Teachers have too many committee requirements.
19. Teachers help and support each other.
20. Teachers have fun socializing together during school time.
21. Teachers ramble when they talk at faculty meetings.
22. The principal looks out for the personal welfare of teachers.
23. The principal treats teachers as equals.
24. The principal corrects teachers’ mistakes.
25. Administrative paperwork is burdensome at this school.
26. Teachers are proud of their school.
27. Teachers have parties for each other.
28. The principal compliments teachers.
29. The principal is easy to understand.
30. The principal closely checks classroom (teacher) activities.
31. Clerical support reduces teachers’ paperwork.
32. New teachers are readily accepted by colleagues.
33. Teachers socialize with each other on a regular basis.
34. The principal supervises t3eachers closely.
35. The principal checks lesson plans.
36. Teachers are burdened with busy work.
37. Teachers socialize together in small‚ se‎lect groups.
38. Teachers provide strong social support for colleagues.
39. The principal is autocratic.
40. Teachers respect the professional competence of their colleagues.
41. The principal monitors everything teachers do.
42. The principal goes out of his/her way to show appreciation to teachers.
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