Friendship Self-Regulation Questionnaire SRQ-F

The Self-Regulation Questionnaires
Friendship Self-Regulation Questionnaire (SRQ-F)
This questionnaire concerns the reasons why a person is in a particular friendship. It asks four questions about being friends with a particular person‚ and provides responses that represent external regulation‚ introjected regulation‚ identified regulation‚ and intrinsic motivation. The basic issue‚ of course‚ concerns the degree to which one feels autonomous with respect to participating in the friendship. Below is the actual scale‚ followed by information about scoring.
The Scale
Being Friends
This questionnaire has four questions‚ and each questions is followed by a set of possible answers. Please read the first question‚ and then consider each response. Indicate how true each response is for you in the particular friendship you have se‎lected using the following scale.

not at all

A. Why am I close friends with this person now?
1.Because being friends with him/her helps me feel important.
2. Because I enjoy the numerous crazy and amusing moments that we share.
3. Because my friend would be upset if I ended the relationship.
4. Because I feel a lot of freedom and personal satisfaction in our friendship.
5. Because I would feel guilty if I withdrew from the friendship.
6. Because he/she is someone I really enjoy sharing emotions and special events with.
7. Because this person really wants me to be a close friend.
8. Because my commitment to him/her is personally very important to me.
B. Why do I spend time with my friend?
9. Because my friend would get mad at me if I didn’t.
10. Because it is fun spending time with him/her.
11. Because I think it is what friends are supposed to do.
12. Because I really value spending time with my friend.
C. Why do I listen to my friend’s problems‚ or to what my friend has to say?
13. Because it’s interesting and satisfying to be able to share like that.
14. Because I would feel guilty if I did not.
15. Because my friend praises me and makes me feel good when I do.
16. Because I really value getting to know my friend better.
D. Why do I keep promises to my friend?
17. Because I believe it is an important personal attribute to live up to my promises to a friend.
18. Because I would feel bad about myself if I didn’t.
19. Because I really enjoy following through on my promises.
20. Because it would threaten our friendship if I were not trustworthy.

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