Adolescent Delinquency

This questionnaire contains a number of questions about your behavior in the last year. Please answer all of the questions as accurately as you can. Do not try to look good or bad. All the information you provide is totally confidential and will not be shown to your parents or anyone else.
For each question‚ indicate how often you did the described behavior in the  last year by writing the number of times on the blank in front of the
How many times in the last year have you:
____1. purposely damaged or destroyed property belonging to your parents or other family members?
____2. purposely damaged or destroyed property belonging to a school?
____3. purposely damaged or destroyed other property that did not belong to you (not counting
family or school property)?
____4. stolen (or tried to steal) a motor vehicle‚ such as a car or motorcycle?
____5. stolen (or tried to steal) something worth more than $50?
____6. knowingly bought‚ sold or held stolen goods (or tried to do any of these things)?
____7. thrown objects (such as rocks‚ snowballs‚ or bottles) at cars or people?
____8. run away from home?
____9. lied about your age to gain entrance or to purchase something; for example‚ lying about your age
to buy liquor or get into a movie?
____10. carried a hidden weapon other than a plain pocket knife?
____11. stolen (or tried to steal) things worth $5 or less?
____12. attacked someone with the idea of seriously hurting or killing him/her?
____13. been paid for ha‎ving sexual relations with someone?
____14. been involved in gang fights?
____15. sold marijuana or hashish ("pot‚" "grass‚" "hash")?
____16. cheated on school tests?
____17. hitchhiked where it was illegal to do so?
____18. stolen money or other things from your parents or other members of your family?
____19. hit (or threatened to hit) a teacher or other adult at school?
____20. hit (or threatened to hit) one of your parents?
____21. hit (or threatened to hit) other students?
____22. been loud‚ rowdy‚ or unruly in a public place (disorderly conduct)?
____23. sold hard drugs‚ such as heroin‚ cocaine‚ and LSD?
____24. taken a vehicle for a ride (drive) without the owner's permission?
____25. had (or tried to have) sexual relations with someone against their will?
____26. used force (strong-arm methods) to get money or things from other students?
____27. used force (strong-arm methods) to get money or things from a teacher or other adult at
____28. used force (strong-arm methods) to get money or things from other people (not students or
____29. avoided paying for such things as movies‚ bus or subway rides‚ and food?
____30. been drunk in a public place?
____31. stolen (or tried to steal) things worth between $5 and $50?
____32. stolen (or tried to steal) something at school‚ such as someone's coat from a classroom‚ locker‚
or cafeteria‚ or a book from the library?
____33. broken into a building or vehicle (or tried to break in) to steal something or just to look
____34. begged for money or things from strangers?
____35. skipped classes without an excuse?
____36. failed to return extra change that a cashier gave you by mistake?
____37. been suspended from school?
____38. made obscene telephone calls‚ such as calling someone and saying dirty things.
____39. alcoholic beverages (beer‚ wine‚ and hard liquor)?
____40. marijuana-‎-hashish ( "grass‚" "pot‚" "hash")?
____41. hallucinogens ( "LSD‚" "Mescaline‚" "Peyote‚" "Acid")?
____42. amphetamines ( "Uppers‚" "Speed‚" "Whites")?
____43. barbiturates\( "Downers‚" "Reds")?
____44. herion ( "Horse‚" "Smack")?
____45. cocaine ( "Coke").
Anderson‚ C.A.‚ & Dill‚ K.E. (2000). Video games and aggressive thoughts‚ feelings‚ and behavior in the laboratory and in life. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology‚ 78‚ 772-790.
Elliot‚ D‚. S.‚ Huizinga‚ D.‚ & Ageton‚ S. S. (1985). Explaining delinquency and drug use. Beverly Hills‚ CA: Sage
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