Tennessee Self Concept Scale TSCS

Tennessee Self Concept Scale
1=always false‚ 2=mostly false‚ 3=partly‚ false and partly true‚ 4=mostly true‚ and 5= always true
1 I have a healthy body
2 I like to appear neat and attractive
3 I am an attractive person
4 I am full of pain and suffering.
5 I am an untidy person.
6 I am not a healthy person.
7 I am not too fat and not too thin.
8 I am not too tall nor too short.
9 I like the way I am now.
10 I don’t feel as healthy as I should be.
11 I wish to change a few parts of my body.
12 I should have more sex appeal.
13 I take good care of my physical self.
14 I feel happy most of the time.
15 I am very careful about my self appearance.
16 I am not good in games and sport.
17 I often behave like a know-all person.
18 I have trouble sleeping.
19 I am a well-mannered person.
20 I am a pious person.
21 I am an honest person.
22 I don’t have a good moral.
23 I am a bad person.
24 I am a weak-will person.
25 I am very satisfied with my manners and behaviors.
26 I am as pious as I wish to be.
27 I am satisfied about my relationship with God.
28 I feel that I am not very trusted.
29 I rarely go to the mosque or place of worship.
30 I tell lies often.
31 Religion is my guide in everyday life.
32 I do what is right most of the time.
33 I will work on changing when I realize that I have made a mistake.
34 Sometimes I use unfair ways to move forward.
35 Sometimes I do bad things.
36 I have problems doing the right thing.
37 I am a cheerful person.
38 I have a high self-control.
39 I am a calm person and easy to befriended.
40 I am hated.
41 I am not important.
42 I can no longer think straight.
43 I am satisfied with myself now.
44 I am as intelligent as I wish to be.
45 I am a good person.
46 I am not the person I hope to become.
47 I hate myself.
48 I am someone who gives up easily.
49 In any situation‚ I can take care of myself.
50 I can solve my problems easily.
51 I am willing to admit my mistake without feeling angry.
52 I often change my mind.
53 I often act without thinking first.
54 I try to escape from facing problem.
55 I have a family that are always ready to help when I am in trouble.
56 I am important to my family and my friends.
57 I am from a happy family.
58 I am not loved by my family.
59 My friends are not confident of me.
60 I think my family do not put their trust in me.
61 I am satisfied with the relationships in my family.
62 I have treated my parents as I should have treated them.
63 I understand my family adequately.
64 I am very sensitive about what my family says.
65 I must increase my faith towards my family.
66 I should have loved my family more than I love others.
67 I try to be fair towards my family and friends.
68 I make sure that I do my part in the house.
69 I give full attention towards my family.
70 I often quarrel with my family.
71 I always give in to both my parents.
72 I do not act wisely as perceived by my family.
73 I am a friendly person.
74 I am more popular among females.
75 I am more popular among males.
76 I feel angry towards everybody.
77 I am not interested in what others are doing.
78 I find it difficult to develop closeness with others.
79 I can socialize in ways that I want.
80 I am satisfied with the way I treat other people.
81 I make an effort to win people’s heart‚ but I don’t overdo it.
82 I should have more manners with other people.
83 I am not good in socializing.
84 I am not satisfied with the way I mix with other people.
85 I try to understand other people’s view.
86 I have good regards towards everybody that I met.
87 I can be friend with everybody.
88 I don’t find it hard to talk with other people.
89 It is difficult for me to forgive other people.
90 I feel difficult to talk with somebody that I do not know.
91 I do not always speak the truth.
92 Sometimes I think of bad things to say.
93 I sometimes get angry.
94 Sometimes I become angry when I don’t feel well.
95 I don’t like everybody that I know.
96 Sometimes I do badmouth other people.
97 Sometimes I am entertained by obscene jokes.
98 Sometimes I feel like cursing.
99 I prefer to win rather than lose in a game.
100 Sometimes I will postpone works that I should be doing.
European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 10‚ Number 3 (2009)

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