Adapted Uncertainty Scale

Adapted Uncertainty Scale (McGregor et al.‚ 2001)
Using the scale below‚ please indicate the degree to which your feelings right now match each of these adjectives or phrases.
Very little or not at all
1. Mixed
2. Uneasy
3. Torn
4. Bothered
5. Preoccupied
6. Confused
7. Unsure of self or goals
8. Contradictory
9. Distractible
10. Unclear
11. Of two minds
12. Muddled
13. Restless
14. Confused about identity
15. Jumbled
16. Uncomfortable
17. Conflicted
18. Indecisive
19. Chaotic
Who I Am Is Who I Was: Exploring the Identity-Maintenance Function of Nostalgia
Matthew W. Baldwin
Submitted to the graduate degree program in Psychology and the Graduate Faculty of the
University of Kansas in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of ma‎ster of Arts.
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