Extrinsic Contingency Focus Scale

Extrinsic Contingency Focus Scale (Williams‚ Schimel‚ Hayes‚ & Martens‚ 2010)
Read each statement and then‚ in the space next to each statement‚ write the number from the following scale that best describes how you feel.

strongly disagree
strongly agree

1. If I could just improve my performance in life‚ people would respect me more.
2. I often get concerned with how others are evaluating me.
3. I would compete in a public event‚ even if I knew I could not win. (excluded study 1 and 2)
4. I work hard at things because of the social approval it provides.
5. I would not bother trying to learn a music instrument if I knew that I would never be able to play well enough to impress people.
6. In social gatherings I hardly ever think about how other people are judging me. (excluded study 1)
7. Being recognized as a hero would be a very rewarding part of saving someone’s life.
8. I exercise because it makes me more attractive to others.
9. When I have done a good job‚ it is important that my supervisor acknowledges it.
10. I feel as though people will respect me whether I am a success or failure.
11. It is not important that I get recognition for the tasks I undertake.
12. I find I have little interest in a task unless there is the possibility that I will get recognition for doing it.
13. When I know I am being evaluated‚ I feel uneasy until I receive feedback.
14. I interact with people at social gatherings without thinking about how they might affect my reputation. (excluded study 1)
15. I feel as though people like me less when I make mistakes.
16. Whenever I voice my opinion‚ I feel uneasy unless someone voices agreement.
17. I rarely think about how people are evaluating me.
18. I have an image to maintain.
19 I immediately think of what others will think when I accomplish something great.
20. I would go to my high school reun‎ion to show everyone how well I have done since then.
Who I Am Is Who I Was: Exploring the Identity-Maintenance Function of Nostalgia
Matthew W. Baldwin
Submitted to the graduate degree program in Psychology and the Graduate Faculty of the
University of Kansas in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of ma‎ster of Arts.

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