Exploration Inventory

Exploration Inventory
Respond to these items using the following scale:
1          2          3           4           5           6           7               8
does not                                    somewhat                             very much
describe me                               describes me                         describes me
at all
1.         I would like to take a class that is unrelated to my major just because it interests me.
2.         I would like to try bungee jumping‚ skydiving‚ or other adventurous activities.
3.         If I had the time and money‚ I would like to travel overseas this summer.
4.         I would like to explore someplace that I have never been before.
5.         I would like to have several friends who are very different from each other.
6.         I would like to spend a semester studying abroad.
7.         I would like a job that was unusual and different.
8.         I would like to have the chance to meet strangers.
9.         If given the chance‚ I would enjoy exploring unusual ideas or theories.
10.       I would like to explore the woods and interesting places near my town.
11.       I would enjoy being introduced to new people
12.       I would pick up a book on an interesting topic and read some of it.
13.       If I had time‚ I would enjoy watching TV shows on interesting topics such as science‚ history‚ art‚ or
14.       I would like to explore the ideas of foreign cultures.
15.       I would enjoy joining a student group composed of a wide range of people I don’t know.
16.       I would like to go to a modern art museum.
17.       I would strike up a conversation with a stranger on a bus or airplane and open up to the person.
18.       I would like to go to a party if I didn’t know very many of the people.
Source: Green‚ J. D.‚ & Campbell‚ W. K. (2000). Attachment and exploration in adults: Chronic and contextual accessibility. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin‚ 26‚ 460.

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