Body Awareness Questionnaire


Listed below are a number of statements regarding your sensitivity to normal‚ nonemotive body processes. For each statement‚ se‎lect a number from 1 to 7 that best describes how the statement describes you and place the number in the box to the right of the statement.

Not at all Very

true of me                                                                                                       true of me

1                  2                  3                  4                  5                  6                  7


I notice differences in the way my body reacts to various foods.


I can always tell when I bump myself whether or not it will become a bruise.


I always know when I’ve exerted myself to the point where I’ll be sore the next day.


I am always aware of changes in my energy level when I eat certain foods.


I know in advance when I’m getting the flu.


I know I’m running a fever without taking my temperature.


I can distinguish between tiredness because of hunger and tiredness because of lack of sleep.


I can accurately predict what time of day lack of sleep will catch up with me.


I am aware of a cycle in my activity level throughout the day.


I don’t notice seasonal rhythms and cycles in the way my body functions.


As soon as I wake up in the morning‚ I know how much energy I’ll have during the day.


I can tell when I go to bed how well I will sleep that night.


I notice distinct body reactions when I am fatigued.


I notice specific body responses to changes in the weather.


I can predict how much sleep I will need at night in order to wake up refreshed.


When my exercise habits change‚ I can predict very accurately how that will affect my energy level.


There seems to be a “best” time for me to go to sleep at night.


I notice specific bodily reactions to being overhungry.

Note: * indicates a reversed scored item.

Shields‚ S.A.‚ Mallory‚ M.E.‚ & Simon‚ A. (1989). The Body Awareness Questionnaire: Reliability and validity. Journal of Personality Assessment53‚ 802-815.

Please note that a revised version of this scale is under development and will be posted when it becomes available. For information about the status of the revised version‚ please contact Dr. Stephanie A. Shields at .


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