Loyola Generativity Scale LGS

Loyola Generativity Scale (LGS)

Loyal سایت روان سنجی : به نظر می رسد که کلمه مقابل درست است .
Generativity is a complex psychosocial construct that can be expressed through societal demand‚ inner desires‚ conscious concerns‚ beliefs‚ commitments‚ behaviors‚ and the overall way in which an adult makes narrative sense of his or her life.
Researchers at the Foley Center have designed a number of measures for assessing individual differences in generativity among adults. Included among these are thematic coding schemes for assessing generative imagery in (a) reports of personal goals or strivings and (b) narrative accounts of significant autobiogrpaphical scenes. The two most commonly used measures‚ however‚ are self-report questionnaires -‎- the Loyola Generativity Scale (LGS) and the
Generative Behavior Checklist (GBC).
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Information concerning the construction and validation of the LGS and GBC can be found in:
  • McAdams‚ D.P.‚ & de St. Aubin‚ E. (1992). A theory of generativity and its assessment through self-report‚ behavioral acts‚ and narrative themes in autobiography. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology‚ 62‚ 1003-1015
  • McAdams‚ D.P.‚ Hart‚ H.M.‚ & Maruna‚ S. (1998). The anatomy of generativity. In D.P. McAdams and E. de St. Aubin (Eds.)‚ Generativity and adult development: How and why we care for the next generation (pp. 7-43). Washington‚ D.C.: APA Press.
See also: [Scoring the LGS]
For each of the following statements‚ please indicate how often the statement applies to you‚ by marking either a "0‚" "1‚" "2‚" or "3" in the space in front.
Mark "0" if the statement never applies to you.
Mark "1" if the statement only occsionally or seldom applies to you.
Mark "2" if athe statement applies to you fairly often.
Mark "3" if the statement applies to you very often or nearly always.

____1. I try to pass along the knowledge I have gained through my experiences.
____2. I do not feel that other people need me.
____3. I think I would like the work of a teacher.
____4. I feel as though I have made a difference to many people.
____5. I do not volunteer to work for a ch‎arity.
____6. I have made and cr‎eated things that have had an impact on other people.
____7. I try to be creative in most things that I do.
____8. I think that I will be remembered for a long time after I die.
____9. I believe that society cannot be responsible for providing food and shelter for all homeless people.
____10. Others would say that I have made unique contributions to society.
____11. If I were unable to have children of my own‚ I would like to adopt children.
____12. I have important skills that I try to teach others.
____13. I feel that I have done nothing that will survive after I die.
____14. In general‚ my actions do not have a positive effect on other people.
____15. I feel as though I have done nothing of worth to contribute to others.
____16. I have made many commitments to many different kinds of people‚ groups‚ and activities in my life.

____17. Other people say that I am a very productive person.
____18. I have a responsibility to improve the neighborhoond in which I live.
____19. People come to me for advice.
____20. I feel as though my contributions will exist after I die.
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