Social Desirability Scale MC

Marlowe-Crowne (1964) Social Desirability Scale (MC)
Listed below are a number of statements concerning personal attitudes and traits. Read each item and decide whether the statement is true or false as it pertains to you personally.
T* F Before voting I thoroughly investigate the qualifications of all the candidates.
T* F I never hesitate to go out of my way to help someone in trouble.
T F* It is sometimes hard for me to go on with my work if I am not encouraged.
T* F I have never intensely disliked anyone.
T F* On occasion I have had doubts about my ability to succeed in life.
T F* I sometimes feel resentful when I don’t get my way.
T* F I am always careful about my manner of dress.
T* F My table manners at home are as good as when I eat out in a restaurant.
T F* If I could get into a movie without paying and be sure I was not seen‚ I would probably do it.
T F* On a few occasions‚ I have given up doing something because I thought too little of my ability.
T F* I like to gossip at times.
T F* There have been times when I felt like rebelling against people in authority even though I knew they were right.
T* F No matter who I’m talking to‚ I’m always a good listener.
T F* I can remember “playing sick” to get out of something.
T F* There have been occasions when I took advantage of someone.
T* F I’m always willing to admit it when I make a mistake.
T* F I always try to practice what I preach.
T* F I don’t find it particularly difficult to get along with loud mouthed‚ obnoxious people.
T F* I sometimes try to get even‚ rather than forgive and forget.
T* F When I don’t know something I don’t at all mind admitting it.
T* F I am always courteous‚ even to people who are disagreeable.
T F* At times I have really insisted on ha‎ving things my own way.
T F* There have been occasions when I felt like smashing things.
T* F I would never think of letting someone else be punished for my wrongdoings.
T* F I never resent being asked to return a favor.
T* F I have never been irked when people expressed ideas very different from my own.
T* F I never make a long trip without checking the safety of my car.
T F* There have been times when I was quite jealous of the good fortune of others.
T* F I have almost never felt the urge to tell someone off.
T F* I am sometimes irritated by people who ask favors of me.
T* F I have never felt that I was punished without cause.
T F* I sometimes think when people have a misfortune they only got what they deserved.
T* F I have never deliberately said something that hurt someone’s feelings.
*These socially desirable responses are scored one‚ otherwise zero.

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