Asian American Identity Scale

Asian American Identity Scale Daphna Oyserman (University of Michigan)
Oyserman‚ D.‚ & Sakamoto‚ I. (1997). Being Asian American: Identity‚ cultural constructs‚ and stereotype perception‚The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 33‚ 435-453.
The Asian American Identity scale (AsAmID‚ M = 3.71‚ alpha = .72) was based on Oyserman's tripartite racial model (Oyserman‚ D.‚ Gant‚ L. & Ager‚ J. (1995). A socially contextualized model of African American identity: Possible selves and school persistence. Journalof PersonalityandSocialPsychology‚69‚ 1216-1232)‚ with specific scale items developed for Asian Americans‚ especially adding family focus. Exploratory factor analyses with a varimax rotation of the 12 items resulted in a four-factor solution (Connectedness‚ Family Focus‚ Interdependent Achievement‚ and Awareness of Racism).
RESPONSE SCALE: A 5-point Likert-type response scale is used (1 = strongly disagree‚ 2 = disagree‚ 3 = neither disagree nor agree‚ 4 = agree‚ 5 = strongly agree).
SCALE ITEMS (BY SUBSCALE with means‚ reliabilities) Connectedness. (M = 4.13‚ alpha = .77).
1. It is important to me to learn about my group's traditions‚ customs and values.
2. I try to carry out at least some of my group's customs and traditions (e.g.‚ relating to holidays‚ food‚ language).
3. I want my children to be raised with my group's traditions.
4. I feel a lot of pride in the achievements of my group.
Family Focus. (M = 4.16‚ alpha = .64).
5. My relationship with my family is more important than other relationships I have.
6. Respect for my elders is an important part of how I was raised.
7. It is difficult for me to imagine celebrating major holidays without my family.
Interdependent Achievement. (M = 2.98‚ alpha = .72).
8. Working hard and getting good grades are a part of who I am as a member of my ethnic
9. It is important for me as a member of my ethnicity to work towards a socially respected career such as medicine or law.
10. Every time a member of my ethnicity receives public recognition for occupational or academic success‚ it helps my group achieve success.
Awareness of Racism. (M = 3.26‚ alpha = .63).
11. Most people are prejudiced against Asians in at least some ways.
12. As a member of my group I will probably have to work harder than most people in order to get ahead.
DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS: Family Focus and Connectedness were correlated (r = .32‚ p < .01)‚ as were Interdependent Achievement and Connectedness (r = .22‚p < .01) and Interdependent Achievement and Awareness of Racism (r = .32‚p < .01). Other correlations between subscales were not significant.

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