Stephenson Multigroup Acculturation Scale

Stephenson Multigroup Acculturation Scale (SMAS)

Below are a number of statements that evaluate changes that occur when people interact with others of different cultures or ethnic groups.

For questions that refer to COUNTRY OF ORIGIN or NATIVE COUNTRY‚ please refer to the country from which your family originally came.

For questions referring to NATIVE LANGUAGE‚ please refer to the language spoken where your family originally came.

Circle the answer that best matches your response to each statement

False‚ Partly false‚ Partly true‚ True

1. I understand English‚ but I am not fluent in English.

2. I am informed about current affairs in the United States.

3. I speak my native language with my friends and acquaintances from my country of origin.

4. I have never learned to speak the language of my native country.

5. I feel totally comfortable with (Anglo) American people.

6. I eat traditional foods from my native culture.

7. I have many (Anglo) American acquaintances.

8. I feel comfortable speaking my native language.

9. I am informed about current affairs in my native country.

10. I know how to read and write in my native language.

11. I feel at home in the United States.

12. I attend social functions with people from my native country.

13. I feel accepted by (Anglo) Americans.

14. I speak my native language at home.

15. I regularly read magazines of my ethnic group.

16. I know how to speak my native language.

17. I know how to prepare (Anglo) American foods.

18. I am familiar with the history of my native country.

19. I regularly read an American newspaper.

20. I like to listen to music of my ethnic group.

21. I like to speak my native language.

22. I feel comfortable speaking English.

23. I speak English at home.

24. I speak my native language with my spouse or partner.

25. When I pray‚ I use my native language.

26. I attend social functions with (Anglo) American people.

27. I think in my native language.

28. I stay in close contact with familymembers and relatives inmynative country.

29. I am familiar with important people in American history.

30. I think in English.

31. I speak English with my spouse or partner.

32. I like to eat American foods.

Copyright (1998) by Margaret Stephenson. This instrument may be reproduced with permission from Margaret Stephenson.


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