The European American Values Scale for Asian Americans

The European American Values Scale for Asian Americans (EAVS-AA)
Maren M. Wolfe‚ Peggy H. Yang‚ Eunice P. Wong and Donald R. Atkinson
Instructions: se‎lect the number from the response scale below that best indicates your level of agreement with each item. Write this number in the space before each item.
Response scale

Strongly disagree
Mildly disagree
Neither agree
nor disagree

——1. I think it is fine for an unmarried woman to have a child.
——2. Abortion should be legal if the mother’s health is in danger.
——3. Sometimes‚ it is necessary for the government to stifle individual development.
——4. You can do anything you put your mind to.
——5. A woman who is living alone should be able to have children.
——6. I am confident in my ability to handle most situations.
——7. It is important to me to serve as a model for others.
——8. The idea that one spouse does all the housework is outdated.
——9. Single women should not have children and raise them alone.
——10. I am rarely unsure about how I should behave.
——11. I prefer not to take on responsibility unless I must.
——12. I do not like to serve as a model for others.
——13. Good relationships are built on mutual respect.
——14. If a pregnant woman wanted an abortion because her health was at risk‚ I could not support the abortion.
——15. ha‎ving the chance to achieve is not important to me in a job.
——16. I would like to have a job where I could serve as a model for others.
——17. Abortion is okay when the mother’s health is at risk.
——18. Children should learn to be tolerant of others.
Source: Wolfe‚ M.‚ Yang‚ P.‚ Wong‚ E. & Atkinson‚ D. (2001). Design and
development of the European American values scale for Asian Americans. Cultur Diver Ethnic Minor Psychol‚ 7. Table 1‚ p. 279. Copyright # 2001 by the American Psychological Association. Adapted with permission.

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