Marin Acculturation Scale

Marin Acculturation Scale – Revised
Please respond as you find best that describes your preferences. There is no right or wrong answers.
1=Only Chinese
2=More Chinese than English
3=Both Equally
4=More English than Chinese
5=Only English.
Language preference
1. In what language do you think?
2. In general‚ what language(s) do you read and speak?
3. What was the language(s) you used as a child?
4. If you could choose your children’s friends‚ you want them to be – Chinese or American
5. What language(s) do you usually speak at home?
6. What language(s) do you usually speak with your friends?
Language preferred for media
7. In what language(s) are the TV programs you usually watch?
8. In what language(s) are the radio programs you usually listen to?
9. In general‚ in what languages are the movies you prefer to watch and listen to?
Ethnic social relations
10. Your close friends are – Chinese or American
11. Your prefer going to social gatherings/parties at which people are – Chinese or American
12. The persons you visit or who visit you are – Chinese or American
Source: Gupta‚ R. & Yick‚ A. (2001). Preliminary validation of the acculturation scale on Chinese Americans. J Soc Work Res Eval. 1 (2)‚ Table 3‚ p. 51. Reproduced with the permission of Springer Publishing Company‚ LLC‚ New York‚ NY.
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