Spielberger/s State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory STAXI-CA

Anger assessment with the STAXI-CA: psychometric properties of a new instrument for children and adolescents
Victoria del Barrio a‚‚ Anton Aluja b‚ ch‎arles Spielberger c
a Department of Personality‚ Faculty of Psychology‚ National University of Distance Education‚ Madrid‚ Spain
b Department of Psychology‚ Universitat de Lleida‚ Catalunya‚ Spain
c Department of Psychology‚ South Florida University‚ Tampa‚ USA
1. I am furious.
2. I feel irritated.
3. I feel angry.
4. I feel like yelling at somebody.
5. I feel like breaking things.
6. I feel like ha‎ving a fit.
7. I feel like hitting someone.
8. I feel like swearing.
9. I feel annoyed.
10. I feel like kicking someone.
11. I want to smash something
12. I feel like screaming.
13. I am quick tempered.
14. I have a bad temper.
15. I get angry very quickly.
16. I get angry when I have to wait because of other's mistakes.
17. I feel annoyed when I am not given recognition for job well done.
18. I fly off the handle.
19. When I get bad‚ I say nasty things.
20. I get angry when I'm told I'm wrong in front of the others.
21. I feel infuriated when I do a good job and get a poor evaluation.
22. I express my anger.
23. I hide my anger.
24. I feel like crying.
25. I withdraw from other people
26. I do things like slamming doors.
27. I argue with others
28. I am angry‚ but I don't show it.
29. I attack whatever it is that annoys me
30. I can stop myself from loosing.
31. I can stop myself from loosing.
32. I get calm faster than others.
33. I try to be tolerant.
34. If someone annoys me‚ I let them know
35. I hold my anger in.
36. I attack whatever makes me angry.
37. I control my anger feelings.
38. I try to calm myself.
39. I take a deep breath and relax.
40. I try to simmer down.
41. I try to get calm.
42. I reduce my anger as soon as possible.
43. I reduce my anger as soon as possible.
44. I do something to calm down.
45. I try to relax.
46. I do something that relaxes me.

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